Original artwork, established 1999. All images and artwork copyright of Richard Stainthorp Sculpture
Original artwork, established 1999. All images and artwork copyright of Richard Stainthorp Sculpture




Each sculpture is hand-crafted by Richard and can take weeks or months to create, depending on the size, complexity and form. Therefore each piece is priced individually. 


The minimum price for a sculpture is currently £1800, for a piece such as a small (50 cm tall) tree. The prices then increase by weight and complexity. Each piece is built from the 'inside-out' via a lengthy process of layering and weaving, and so the volume and weight of a sculpture are the main factors that constitute the value.




Upon receipt of contact information and details regarding the request, Richard will contact the customer regarding their commission via email. A standard deposit of 30% (40% overseas and/or larger works) of the quoted price for the artwork will then be required before Richard can start work on the sculpture. The remaining sum is then payable upon completion and approval of the commission, prior to delivery.


Waiting Times:


As Richard is usually working on several pieces of varying complexity at any given time, it is difficult to give accurate waiting times as a definitive guide, but generally speaking a small to medium sized piece will be in the range of one to two months, and larger or life-size pieces may take up to six months. Delivery estimates will be given during the commissioning process. 


Overseas shipping:


Richard is based in the United Kingdom. Smaller orders within the UK will have delivery costs iincluded in the price given during commissioning. For overseas shipping, quotes will be arranged during the ordering process.











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Please note:

All sculptures are made to commission as there is no stock held of these artworks. A commission timeline will be discussed during the ordering process.


Prices are a guideline only, and may vary according to material chosen for the artwork, size of sculpture etc.



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